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person wearing a green summer kimono in front of the monumental iron art in nagoya japan


◆ Sustainable Tourism Specialist

◆ Traditional Craftsmanship Tours Creator
◆ Private Guide / Tour Leader

With a strong background in Fine arts and Craftsmanship, Julie has been living in Japan for almost ten years. Her passion for Japanese culture and handmade treasures has led her to meet and discover fascinating people, she is now showcasing in privatized tours. Fluent in French, English and Japanese, she will open for you the secrets doors to the charms of deep Japan.


Born in 1990 in Bordeaux, France.
Gender: Non-binary ⇒ Pronouns: She/they
Graduated from: University of Bordeaux and Kyoto 2016.
Currently lives in Inazawa, Aichi prefecture, Japan
Favourites: Ghibli movies, karaoke, izakaya food and brewing culture, monozukuri (craftsmanship), volunteer cat rescuing and kimonos.

Career History :

2016:     In charge of event planning and management at "Glocal Hostel, Cafe & Bar" guesthouse and cafe in Nagoya

2018:    Assistant for Marketing and Public relations at Kernel Concept, and Chubu Inbound Sales Project.

2020:    Inbound tourism and sustainability expert, writer at the Regional Branding Institute.

2022: Independent consultant in Sustainable Tourism, local development, and traditional activity creation.
     Private guide/tour leader.

Personal projects:

- Brand:「Secrets d’Artisans Japonais」Online travel counselling for individual travellers, private tourism guide specialising in traditional Japanese crafts.

- 「KIMONO FREAKS」Circular economy and inter-generational events around Kimono.

- 「@tonarinojuri」Micro-Influencer 3K followers, engagement rate 3.5%

Créations en papier


・"Are foreigners interested in animal islands in Japan? -A western view on activities involving animals-" AJ Labo 2020.11.17

・"Experiential Content in the New Normal Era has to be sustainable: Western Customers are Looking for Added Value!" AJ Lab 2021.02.04

・"SDGs: What Europeans want from their travel destinations in terms of sustainable tourism?" AJ Lab 2021.05.14

・"After-Corona Measures: Right-Sizing for Sustainable Tourism: Part 1" AJ Labo 2021.08.13

・"After-Corona Measures: Right-Sizing for Sustainable Tourism: Part 2" AJ Labo 2021.08.27

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