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A person holds a japanese demon tile


◆ Specialist in responsible tourism development
◆ Creator of tailor-made tours in Japan
◆ Specialist in traditional crafts
◆ Private guide/accompanist

With a solid background in fine arts and crafts, Julie has lived in Japan for almost ten years. Her passion for Japanese culture and human discoveries led her to meet and discover fascinating routes, which she now highlights in private tours. Fluent in French, English and Japanese, she will open the secret doors to the charms of deep Japan.


Born in 1990 in Bordeaux, France.
Gender: Non-binary ⇒ Pronouns: She/They
Graduated from: University of Bordeaux Montesquieu and Kyoto University, 2016.
Currently lives near Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Favorites: Ghibli films, karaoke, old neighborhood izakaya and sento, traditional crafts, cats and kimonos.

Professional career :
2016 Responsible for planning and managing events at "Glocal Hostel, Cafe & Bar" in Nagoya.
2018 Marketing and public relations assistant at Kernel Concept, and Chubu Inbound Sales Project.
2020 Specialist in the development of local and sustainable tourism activities, editor for The Regional Branding Insitute Ldt.
2022 Independent consultant in sustainable tourism, local development, and creation of traditional activities.
Private guide / travel companion.

Personal projects:

- 「Secrets of Japanese Artisans」Creation of tailor-made tours, private guide specializing in traditional Japanese crafts from the Chubu region.
- 「KIMONO FREAKS」Circular economy and inter-generational events around Kimono. @kimono.freaks
- 「@tonarinojuri」Instagram & Tiktok Micro-Influencer: Vlog, Lifestyle and Crafts

personne en kimono et avec les cheveux tresses qui regarde vers l'horizon dans un paysage d'automne au bord d'un lac au japon


“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, meeting the needs of visitors, professionals, the environment and host communities. »

Source: World Tourism Organization, 2004.

What matters to me:

- Offer variety in content, to disperse the flow of visitors in the archipelago according to their deep centers of interest and lighten the load on the major tourist centers.

- Use as many local services as possible, and pay each participant their fair value.
- Actively participate in preserving heritage for future generations.

- Take care to respect the natural and urban environment to share warm and unique moments with residents and allow them to live peacefully with tourism.

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